What I Do

As a qualified holistic counsellor, I have been trained for psychological consultation, meditation, Reiki treatment, meridian therapy, acupressure, sound and music therapy and hypnotherapy.


From my personal background, arts and handcrafting have always inspired and healed me. So I am also keen to share the healing power of calligraphy, handcrafting and tea ceremony with my clients. 


Breathing and Meditation

Once you manage proper breathing, meditation would come along easily. Through meditation, we can encounter and work with your inner being, learn to let things go, to live in the present, and travel without limits of time and space.

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Intuitive Yoga

Through practicing Intuitive Yoga, you may eventually be able to recognise, respect and follow you heart desires and intuitions.

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Energy Healing

All living and non-living things are infused with energy. By opening your mind to this energy, you will be more capable of seeing the interconnectivity in your life, and be able to let your life go with flow.

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Artistic Healing

I offer tea ceremony, ink brush calligraphy and handcrafting workshops as artistic healing.

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