Intuitive Yoga

I started my practice of Yoga and meditation somewhere 20 years ago without knowing the terms of them. It was driven by my internal calls for the connection with my true being and the connection with the universal energy. Along the years, I developed my own way to access, maintain and being nurtured from this connection. Only until early 2000s, I learned the Western terms and concepts of meditation and Yoga.  I was glad to find out that my understanding of these practices is in line with many Yoga masters. The ultimate goal of meditation and Yoga is to achieve the union — the union of one’s body, mind, heart and soul; the union of oneself and the divine universal energy. Once we reveal our true self and are comfortable with who we are and where we are at, we may finally enjoy the ride of this life.


I truly believe that everyone can meditate and Yoga, because they are our innate abilities. It’s like the saying from Buddhism that “Buddha is in everyone”. We just need to discover and reveal them. And this is why I have developed and offer Intuitive Yoga. When the mind slows down, the body and heart have a chance to be united; without thinking and designing, the body knows how to move: moving towards the union. In Intuitive Yoga, we go with flow. The body follows the heart, the heart follows the spirit. There is not limitation to certain poses. Poses are merely a vehicle of the ride, and the physical fitness is a wonderful by-product.


In an Intuitive Yoga, we usually start with breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation to slow the busy mind down and relax the body. Once the body and mind are relaxed, we will listen and follow the moves that called out from the body. In beginning sessions, I will offer leads of moves; in more advanced sessions, more interactive moves may be expected, e.g. the client may lead the moves. My drive of offering Intuitive Yoga is to encourage the client to access and experience the union of body-mind-heart-soul, and to be confident about their ability to do so. Through practicing Intuitive Yoga, they may eventually be able to recognise, respect and follow their heart desires and intuitions.