About Me

I have a background of working in the conservation front for almost 20 years. In those years, I worked in some remote locations, such as in the Gobi desert and grassland areas in Inner Mongolia, snow-mountains in Tibetan areas, as well as in New Zealand. I have always been enthusiastic about the conservation of nature, of our bio-cultural diversity, and of our community. Working with local and indigenous communities has been a highlight of my life experience. With no exception, all indigenous cultures recognise and respect the unity between man and nature. Their holistic worldviews have enabled them to live in harmony with nature, with each other and with themselves for millennia; though this traditional wisdom has been challenged by the modern culture in recent centuries.


Conservation is a rewarding yet giving profession.  While caring for nature, I found myself and lots of my colleagues were under constant pressure and stress. For a long term, it is neither healthy to our own beings, nor sustainable to the course we fought for. Then in 2014, after being a full time mother for about one year, the mental and physical exhaustion hit me and thrown me into a deep, dark valley. Since then, I have been deeply interested in holistic wellbeing and started a most inspirational and amazing journey.


Through the comprehensive studies and practices of holistic healing, my life has encountered a brand new sphere. In here, I see the interconnectivity of the universe, I see the limitless and open space of life; in here, I feel peace and equilibrium from my heart, I feel the unlimited divine energy.  All these experiences gave me the urge to share it with others, who are in need of stress relief, self development, energy strengthening, spiritual advancement, and so much more.


I have a PhD and a Master degree in Environmental Studies, a Diploma in Holistic Counselling, as well as a Bachelor degree in Economics (worked as an economist 20 years ago). This rather holistic life experience has taught me that the boundaries between disciplines and professions are not necessary. We are not assigned for certain choices. Listening and following heart desires and thinking limitlessly is the key to self fulfilment and ultimate wellbeing. So here I am, a holistic counsellor – a lucky integration of life interests and profession.


Previous Work Experience