What is Holistic Counselling

The word “Holistic” is originated from the word “Whole”. Holistic counselling is a unique approach of counselling that takes into account the whole person (the body, mind, heart and spirit) and their life experience for healing purpose. It considers physiological and psychological disorders as parts of a greater whole, and regards the body, mind and spirit as fundamentally interconnected. Holistic counselling/healing is not limited to one type of healing modality; rather, it is an integration of natural, esoteric and conventional treatments. The clients have the opportunity to choose the combination of treatments to suit their needs. In this approach, the client will be able to recognise the causes of their presenting issues and encouraged to take responsibilities for their own health and treatments.


Holistic wellbeing and holistic treatment is not a new concept, though the terms of holistic healing and holistic counselling have only been developed in recent decades. It was originally recognised by ancient philosophers and healers back to the 4th century BC. As the classical Greek philosopher Socrates demonstrated, “… for the part can never be well unless the whole is well.”


Our body-mind is interconnected, every being in this world is interconnected. While the modern culture has taught us to look at life and our surroundings with a pair of reductionist (seeing things or a person into their separated parts) and individualist (emphasises on a person’s independency and self-reliance over his or her connectivity with other and the environment) lenses, we often ignore the interconnectivity of the world and ourselves. So, when we have headache, we take pain killers for fast relief, but may not pay attention to the causes of the headache and the message it carries. When we feel the strike of anxiety and stress, we turn to parties, shoppings, holidays, or even addictions for fast relief. Fast satisfaction, fast relief, fast repair…. All these means are merely good enough to bury the symptoms, but they often smother the calls for attention from our inner being. In a long term, physical illness will form, mental distress and disorder may develop, and our connections with our true beings and with other beings are fading away.


The fundamental resolution for any problem solving is the complete understanding of yourself and your life positioning. While dealing with surfaced problems, I am keen to work with clients to reveal the roots of the problems and to heal from bottom up. The ultimate goal of my practice is to assist you revealing and connecting with your true self, and being able to see the Big Picture in time and space. I hope through working with me, you will be able to connect and listen to your heart desires and intuitions.