"To put it bluntly, Fei has changed my way of life for the better. I love the no judgement, warm, safe environment we do our sessions in. My sessions with Fei have opened up my awareness and thought processes in how I engage with everyday issues. They have especially helped me see a different positive view on my past chapters which I never thought was possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who thinks they’ve tried it all but there’s no hope." -- Shane Gallagher

"Fei's counselling services have been an incredible catalyst for my personal growth and transformation over these past 7 months. Her patient, kind, honest approach creates a safe and welcoming environment where I feel comfortable exploring my thoughts and feelings. Fei's non-judgmental and empathetic nature, coupled with her joyful spirit, has made each session a truly enriching experience. What sets Fei apart is her holistic approach, which incorporates therapeutic chats and other techniques such as meditation and breathwork tailored to my needs.
Words cannot fully express the immense gratitude I have for Fei's powerful work and the compassionate space she holds for me. Through our sessions, I have rediscovered my own healing abilities and am learning to trust the innate wisdom within me. Fei's support has led me to align with my authentic self and has been an invaluable part of my journey. I highly recommend Fei to anyone seeking transformative therapeutic support. Her dedication, compassion, and the sacred space she creates are truly remarkable :)" -- Natasha Owen


"Fei is a kind, calm, peaceful soul and I've absolutely loved every session with her. I came to her having done quite a lot of self-reflection and she seemed to immediately know what I needed at that point in my healing. Fei holds such a variety of life experience, knowledge and spiritual practice, leaning into areas that most align with you and your healing journey. She has a knack for hearing what's underneath your words and your thinking patterns - and kindly pointing out things you need to hear!
I've had so many revelations in my sessions with her, seeing clearly the things I hadn't been able to make sense of before. She helps you see yourself for the special, unique person you are - I always left feeling more connected to my authentic self and more hopeful for my future. The space she's made for the sessions is so relaxing and comforting, it's so easy to feel at home there. Highly recommend Fei!!" -- Lucy Holyoake


"I have been seeing Fei for almost 6 months now and I get so much out of our sessions. Even when I think I have nothing to talk about the conversation flows and she has helped me to work through thoughts and feelings that I have struggled with for a long time. Every time I come away with a clearer understanding of something. I appreciate her honesty, kindness and understanding and the beautiful space she has created for people to feel safe to discuss. I feel very comfortable in our sessions and always look forward to seeing what we might uncover. Fei has been a huge part of my journey and I am so grateful to have found her and for her expert guidance." -- Nikki Astwood


"It's a real shame there are only 5 stars to give. I cannot recommend Fei and Gaia Holistic Counselling enough. My partner and I came across Gaia Holistic Counselling after looking for some couples counselling. We had both been trying psychological therapy which wasn't quite working for us individually. Whilst clinical therapy/ counselling was beneficial in other ways, Gaia Holistic Counselling has completely transformed how I connect with myself, with my partner and ultimately helped me to remember who I am both inside and outside my relationship.
Fei is so gentle, warm and patient. Fei is incredibly wise and welcoming and each session, right from the first, was like catching up with a friend. Gaia holistic counselling has become a very big part of my life, my routine and my overall health. I strongly urge anyone in need of some additional support, insight or perspective, to connect Fei.
Thank you Fei!
I have so much faith in this journey with you, and there are no words to express how truly grateful I am to you for helping me grow in so many areas of my life. These sessions and the help you provide has truly saved my life from turning into a very dark place." -- Laura G.


"Fei's thoughtful encouragement, observations, and gentle redirecting can help a lot in only a few sessions. She has a knack for picking up on what you are not seeing, and then giving it to you as a seedling that you can choose to water. I always feel like my brain and emotional body have been reoriented on the right path after walking out, and also like there's lots to think about and work with. She is open-minded and patient. Nothing feels like a rush, and everything is very natural. It feels like a return to slow, elliptical conversation. She is happy to go at your pace, and I've both done fairly hard sessions, as well as had lovely chats about life and philosophy. Both help a lot!" -- Poppy Postance


"Fei is incredibly kind and genuine, and always very patient and present. She's very warm and natural in her approach. Fei draws on reiki, yoga, talking therapy and guided visualisations as effective tools or modalities to work with you in the best and most needed way. Working in the health profession myself - it's rare to find someone so genuinely invested in your wellbeing. Fei's has a beautiful space sitting by wide windows amongst the greenery which is a sweet setting to have any session." -- Sophie Thompson


"Fei has been such a trusted counselor to me over the past few years. She has helped me heal from old traumas and provided valuable guidance for me on the existential journey of life. She is deeply empathetic, and makes you feel seen and held in a way I haven’t experienced with other counselors.
I like that she offers such a range of modalities of healing, from traditional talk based counseling to guided meditation, or more somatic approaches depending on what feels intuitively right for you.
Ngā mihi Fei for being such a steady touch stone in my life!
" -- Pattern Reid


"Fei is one of the sweetest and most generous humans I've ever worked with. Her relaxed and kind style makes the idea of counselling really appealing. Every time I enter Fei's home I instantly feel like an old friend that's been welcomed back from a long journey. Every session is wonderful, and I highly recommend Gaia Holistic Counselling." -- Shadoe Stone


"Fei is an amazing holistic counselor. She is very intuitive and has a calmness about her that creates a very welcoming environment. Over the past year, she has helped me to learn to take control over my anxiety through self-awareness, breathing and relaxation techniques. Her guided meditation leaves me feeling completely relaxed and her counseling has given me the tools to become a healthier person. I would highly recommend Gaia Holistic Counseling." -- Christine O.


"My intuition guided me to Fei and her nourishing and transformative practice, and my life has completely shifted dimensions ever since. Our work together opened a portal for me to discover my own healing abilities (within all of us) and to trust the innate wisdom of my body; to align with a higher calling, authentic self and true path. I don’t even really have the words to describe the gratitude I feel for her work and the sacred and compassionate space that she holds for people.
If you’re reading this and unsure as to whether you are ready to embark on this journey yourself, being reunited with your true self, then take this as your sign. Take the leap of faith. Immense and deep gratitude for your powerful work Fei and just to have met you in this life." -- Elyse Scott

"The sessions with Fei were liberating and calming. She has a very warm aura and uses all kinds of methods to provide holistic counselling. Personally, this is the best help I have received. The space is wholesome, and Fei is an all round warm person with great energy." -- Randy Glass


"I have had such positive experiences with Fei. She creates a comfortable, calm and open environment and brings incredible life experience to her practise. Fei offers excellent counselling services and I have recommended her to many friends. Her in-person and online services are valuable and she approaches any problem with zero judgement. Highly recommend." -- Chloe Rumsey

"I met Fei in a low moment of my life and since the beginning she was able to help me to control my thoughts and work on myself. Working with her is a two-way relationship where there is not space for lies and judgements. The energy around her is so pure and overwhelming that is almost impossible not to feel safe and relaxed. I highly recommend to try few sessions with her, she is very knowledgeable and professional.
Thank you Fei!" -- Valentina Mercadante
"I met Fei after an extreme awakening and she was the most genuine and talented healer I have ever met, she confronted me when I was in denial... her guidance lead me to meet my inner wild child and she introduced me to my inner garden and it's 6-7 dimensions... Because of the work we have achieved together by asking myself the right questions, I can even remember more about my childhood and the beautiful recollections my mind decided to put aside. It has been only a few months with your holistic healing, and I never discovered so much about myself and the true core of the wound of my soul. I am so blessed to have encountered you in a very dark time on my journey.
Fei, sincere gratitude, Love, peace and understanding. Equanimity is right ahead, and you definitely opened my eyes...
From the bottom of my heart, Fei, Merci Immensément pour tout..." -- Charles Cuche
"I had trouble sleeping and didn't want to take pills as a solution. So I did a few relaxation and body scanning sessions and I was really satisfied with the experience and results. Fei has created a safe, warm, and comforting environment for me to fully relax and let go of my daily life for a short period of time. I always felt like I just had a nice long undisturbed sleep after each relaxation session. The totally refreshed feeling was so satisfying that I cannot believe it's a result from an hour-long session. Highly recommend her and her practice." -- Cheng Shi
"Fei has been running a Dance with your Soul workshop for the past few months, and I have been going regularly and am loving it! Its so freeing to dance with no reservation and really connect with your body. The guided meditation at the end is very relaxing and centering too. Highly recommend it!" -- Juliana Ungaro