Holistic Living

18. 05. 14

Holistic living is to live in the whole with self, people around you, the environment and the wider world. It may sound abstract, but it simply means having a big picture in mind, in which we, others, all living and non-living things, as well as the planet are all interconnected. Our earth is not a machine, but an organic caring mother. A holistic lifestyle seeks harmony and peace within self, humanity and earth. It reveals a truth that everything we do affects our lives, others and the planet. It then leads to an empowering life approach, in which we are responsible for what we create.

Every thought and every action matters.  It is believed by some that when we cry, we take away somebody else’s tears; when we heal, that energy also heals those around us and people that we haven’t met. Just like defined in classical physics, the energy we create is infinite, there is no end, only transformation. When we think of following a holistic lifestyle, there are few major elements to consider:

  • Care for our Physical, Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual Bodies
  • Living in harmony with our environment
  • Living by earthly and universal cycles

For each element, there are lots to explore; I will walk you through gradually.