What you can do when you feel anxious, worried or panic?

18. 06. 25

There are so many of us consider self as a “victim” of anxiety nowadays. First of all, being anxious, worried and panic is a part of natural reactions to environmental stresses. It is normal and we all experience them. Yet, when the frequency and degrees of anxiety becomes overwhelming, it is time that one should look into it. There must be millions of readings about anxiety, from its causes to how to treat it, from scientific reasoning to spiritual guides. Here, I would like to offer an easy guideline of what to do to begin our understanding of anxiety with:

  1. Close your eyes and deep breathe. Focus on your breath solely. Pay full attention to the air travelling inward and outward of your body. Follow the air that travels into your physical body: nose, throat, lungs, abdomen… feel the fresh air in all the parts of your body.
  2. Open your eyes and find an object to focus on. It could be anything, but some beautiful objects may be more tempting, such as a plant, or just a flower /leaf, painting, vase, and candle. It can also be a book, pencil, or your own hand. Pay fullest attention to the thing, see into all the details, and fully engage with it.
  3. By now, your mind should has been slow down and produces much less destructive thoughts that causing negative emotions. And now you can go back to the troubling situation but in a different way – a detached way. Watch your thoughts and feel your emotions, but do not judge or condemn, just acknowledge them. Being there for yourself and witnessing how you think, feel and experience physically, intellectually and emotionally.
  4. It is usually helpful to write your thoughts and emotions down as well. Whiting down is a good way to unload your pains and burdens. Sometimes, a good resolution may pop up when you doing this comprehensive review.
  5. Talk to someone that truly values you. Similar to writing-it-down, talking is an effective way to review and reflect the situation and eventually let go of the burden. More importantly, the love, care and sincere attention from your listener will be the most powerful healing energy to you.
  6. For long term, become a watcher or witness of your thoughts and emotions. If we look through the whole matter more carefully, you will find that it is not the situation troubles you, it is how you perceive it that making trouble. The exact same situation may be totally fine to someone else. And each of your reactions has its reasoning and history behind it. Once you reach this realisation, you have stepped in towards the true liberation from all burdens. Practice more of being a watcher of your own thoughts and reactions to things, people and situations. Understand yourself better and truly, see the patterns of your reactions and behaviours, and be there for yourself. But remember, do not judge, do not deny or fight with your thoughts and feelings, just be with them and accept them fully. By understanding and accepting them fully, you may start to connect with your inner peace – the true being of you.             
Best medicine for anxiety - pay attention to daily beauty. This is morning frost on a car screen on June 22 in Wellington