Dance with Your Soul

20. 02. 04

Have you tried or thought about connecting your body and soul through dancing? Dance is the language our body speaks and the expression of our emotions and inner voice. Dance is a gift that belongs to all of us, and everyone can dance. However, in modern times, dance has become more and more technical and is believed to require certain skills or experiences.

In our practice, dance is simply the way to express oneself: who you are, how you feel, how does your inner voice sound … When you dance with your soul, you let go of your busy mind and your Ego. It’s not about dancing well or right, rather, it’s about connecting with your true being and following your innate currents. It’s a great opportunity to release tensions, worries, anxiety and burdens, and to be truthful to yourself.

In a typical session, we’ll start with guided breathing and mindfulness meditation to quiet the mind and to connect with our inner being. Then, we’ll dance with the theme music. Each participant would freely dance to their likes. No rules, no sequences, no limitations. After the dance, we’ll run another guided breathing and light meditation to calm the body and ground the mind. A brief reflection around the group would end the session. If this sounds tempting to you, if you like music and dance, or simply look for a relaxing hour, please join us and share the experience!